Jemele Hill Suspended After Tweets On NFL Protests

Jemele Hill Suspended After Tweets On NFL Protests

BRISTOL, Conn. – Jemele Hill has started to stir up controversies in her personal Twitter account about a month ago. She pointed out in a tweet calling Donald Trump a white supremacist. She also added that Trump has mostly bounded himself with a lot of other white supremacists.

While there are countless of people saying the same things on the internet, there was a significant backlash against Hill that ESPN even released an apology. Sara Huckabee, the White House Secretary, has even called ESPN to fire Hill. Trump himself didn’t stop without retaliating more viciously. He tweeted about the bad ratings of the ESPN.

After yet another politics-tinted weekend of the National Football League games, Hill has again opened controversies in her tweets. She tweeted that fans should all be aware that they are not forced to support the NFL teams that are refusing their team members to do any kind of protest. Hill was suspended from the ESPN after this.

Jemele Hill Suspended After Tweets On NFL Protests

Hill’s tweet came as a response to Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, that if they are found to be disrespecting the flag, they will not play at all. Jones’ tweet is a threat to bench all the players who plan to kneel during the anthem.

Just yesterday, Hill has tweeted a lot about Jones with her main point of calling unfairness in blaming the players that follow the anti-protest rules. She said that fans should be aware that they are still watching the games and buying merch which can be implied that they support the agendas of the owners.

While she was acquitted from suspension before, she wasn’t saved this time. Her comments were found to be too controversial this time. After the controversy, ESPN released their statement stating that Hill’s tweets and views can negatively reflect on ESPN. Hill’s suspension will ban her in ESPN for at least the next two weeks.

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