NFL Game Shows Being Pulled Out Of The Portland Delhi

NFL Game Shows Being Pulled Out Of The Portland Delhi

ORLANDO – Ira’s Deli which is located in the 72ndStreet was the only part of the neighborhood that offered Sunday tickets for NFL games in the past two weeks. However, Iraj “Ira” Rafei, the owner of the restaurant says that he won’t be showing the games anymore because, apparently, players are showing disrespect for the national anthem and flag.

Colin Kaepernick, who happens to be a quarterback, lost his job because of protesting against police brutality. There probably wouldn’t have been anything wrong with that if only his way of doing wasn’t by kneeling whilst singing the national anthem.

As a matter of fact, the situation had worsened when Trump craved for the day that the owners of NFL teams would fire anyone who dares to protest against the violence of the Police towards black men.Kneeling down during the singing of the national anthem is their way of showing their stand against it.

NFL Game Shows Being Pulled Out Of The Portland Delhi

Trump might have been expecting a different reaction, but as for the NFL players, they responded by way of kneeling while the national anthem is going on. Others basically just remained in the locker room. They were also wearing their “Everybody vs. Trump” T-shirt.

If Trump was just plain unhappy about what had happened, then Rafei was devastated. That would be the case he definitely closed all the shows of the NFL at his store, which led to a couple of complaints from customers.

One of the customers expressed his dismay regarding Rafei’s decision to pull down the shows in his shop. “After asking to watch some games on a Sunday, they got political when they wouldn’t put any of the NFL games on after Trump attacked the league and players for kneeling during the anthem,” the customer stated.“ I respect their decision for doing so but will not be returning.”

On the other hand, Rafei says that his decision to stop showing the NHL games has nothing to do with the protests, and was only due to the fact that some people are showing disrespect for the national anthem.

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