The Conspiracy Behind O.J Simpson’s Release from Prison

The Conspiracy Behind O.J Simpson’s Release from Prison

NEVADA, USA – Famous football player, O.J. Simpson, was released from the Love Lock Correctional on Sunday after becoming eligible for parole. Simpson was escorted by a waiting car outside the prison and nobody had a clue of his whereabouts since then.

Brooke Keast, the spokesperson for the Nevada Department of Corrections, said that his release was on purpose. Simpson’s conviction of kidnapping and robbery since 2008 has been normal. However, due to the media’s requests and the aggressive comments and phone messages to the department from unknown sources, they were left with a choice of performing a trick play on Simpson’s release.

On a news article from LA Times, Keast made a statement regarding Simpson’s release saying that there were too many speculations about possible things happening. She said that people started claiming that they work for the media but do not have any proof or other resemblance that associates them with big news agencies. Thus, playing a trick on Simpson’s release is the best way possible to safeguard his life.

The Conspiracy Behind O.J Simpson’s Release from Prison

Despite the ordinance from the Department of Corrections that parolees are not allowed to be released during weekends, Simpson was released on Sunday midnight at 12:08 a.m.

Keast said that no media was present at the time of Simpson’s release and everything happened the way her team expected. When asked if she knew about Simpson’s destination, she said she honestly has no idea.

Malcolm LaVergne, Simpson’s attorney, did not reveal any of Simpson’s plans but said he was looking forward to leaving the prison. Simpson’s trial was dubbed as “Trial of the Century” as it gathered worldwide attention.

However, the Nevada Parole Board granted him his parole in July by serving prison a portion of his 33-year sentence through possessing good behavior and attending classes inside the jail. Moreover, if Simpson seeks to leave Nevada, the Division of Parole and Probation will require him a written permission.

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