No Sanction for Buffalo Bills’ Jonathan Williams

No Sanction for Buffalo Bills’ Jonathan Williams

New York City, New York – Buffalo Bills’ running back Jonathan Williams will not get any sanction from the National Football League, according to reports.

According to Ian Rapoport, NFL’s inside reporter, American football running back Jonathan Williams will continue to play for the Bills without any suspension orders from NFL’s upper management. The decision came out after Williams was found not guilty of his Driving Under the Influence case, which led to his arrest in July 2016. His case was dismissed a couple of weeks ago.

It can be recalled that police pulled-over Williams last year after being suspected from driving under influence. He confirmed that he drank 40 ounces before he drove but he refused to test on the breathalyzer. This is when the police arrested him. Williams told the police that he just got drafted from NFL. But they did not drop it. Williams also brought it to court.

No Sanction for Buffalo Bills’ Jonathan Williams

It was just a couple of weeks ago that the court order was released to clear Williams’ name. Williams pled not guilty. The prosecutors were not able to prove that Williams was drunk driving. There was not even a blood test that confirmed that he was over the limit. The young athlete has now been given another chance to make things right.

The 23-year-old tailback born in Dallas, Texas was the Bill’s 156th pick on the fifth round of last year’s drafts.He had played 11 games with 94 rushing yards giving an average of 3.5. He had also set a touchdown.

This is great news for young player Jonathan Williams, the Bills, and his fans. This means that he can continue his role as a backup for LeSean McCoy since Williams will not be suspended after all. The Bills decided on Williams as McCoy’s backup after Mike Gillislee transferred to the New England Patriots.

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