NFL Quarterback Tom Brady Tops 100 Players of 2017

NFL Quarterback Tom Brady Tops 100 Players of 2017

New York City, New York – The NFL community congratulates 39-year-old quarterback superstar Tom Brady as he won first rank at the Top 100 Players of 2017.

Brady will be turning 40 in August, but his performance remains youthful.Sports analysts used to say that by this time, Tom Brady would slow down until he retires. Fellow players believed otherwise as they voted for him to climb up the top spot once again.

No one can stop the mighty Brady. The last time he ranked number 1 was 6 years ago, but he never fell from the Top 5 spots in between. This is a unique display of respect from every NFL player to their all-time favorite quarterback in the league.

NFL Quarterback Tom Brady Tops 100 Players of 2017

Brady started the last season on the bitter end when he was suspended for 4 games. But he was able to redeem himself during the regular season – giving 28 touchdowns with only 2 interferences. He welcomed 2017 with a bang as he averaged 379 yards during 3 playoffs. He indeed returned with a vengeance and it was recorded as one of the best in the history of NFL.

He managed to win all 5 Super Bowls under New England Patriots – the only quarterback who set the record for the team and for the whole league. His wall boasts 2 MVP trophies from NFL and 4 from Super Bowl. He has also received 5 prestigious Lombardi awards. He was nominated as MVP for 12 times during his 18-year career.

There must be something that Tom Brady is doing secretly to keep his youthful stamina in the field. He should not stop drinking that elixir of life and continue to defy what the numbers are dictating. He is groomed by the Patriots to beat Brett Favre’s NFL record for most touchdowns at age 40.

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