Bruce and Andre Ellington Hosted a Free Football Camp

Bruce and Andre Ellington Hosted a Free Football Camp

BERKELY, California – NFL players Bruce and Andre Ellington were giving back to the community through a free football camp at Berkeley High School last Friday. The event was attended by about 1,000 youngsters. The event also held a health fair for the parents and participant.

This is the fourth consecutive year that Bruce and Andre have organized a free football camp. The camp has been one of the most popular events in Moncks Corner since the cousins started it.

According to Andre Ellington, a current player for the Arizona Cardinals, he is grateful to be back and host the camp again. He said that he is thankful for the turnout and the response of the community. He has been excited for this every time the event gets near, and he said that it’s a good feeling to do it with his cousin. He also gave thanks to the sponsors who made the event possible.

Bruce and Andre Ellington Hosted a Free Football Camp

Bruce said that this is their way to give back to the community which did so much for them when they’re still kids. He said that the place is very special to them, including the families and friends in Moncks Corner. He also thanked all the people who supported the event.

Aside from the Ellingtons, the cousins were also able to get help from other NFL and College players. Among these players include former Hanahan High and Clemson receiver Brandon Ford and former Clemson defensive lineman, Jarvis Jenkins. The players and coaches worked together in instructing the kids about the rules of football and in helping them do some drills.

The football camp wasn’t only the purpose of the Ellightons in Berkeley. They also took the opportunity to visit their families and friends in town before going back to their respective teams. The event was also flooded by fans, and the cousins became busy signing autographs and took pictures with them.

In his final message, Bruce said that he and Andre know how blessed they are. This is why they are teaching the kids to work hard and dream big to be successful in life.

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