Warren Sapp Declared That His Brain Will be Donated

Warren Sapp Declared That His Brain Will be Donated

WINDEREMERE, FL— Last Tuesday, hall of famer Warren Sapp made a morbid announcement on a YouTube video posted in the site of the Players’ Tribune. In the video, he said that he wants to donate his brain when dies.

According to Sapp, the decision was brought forth due to former NFL running back player Fred Willis’ email to him. Reports say that the email contains quotes from NFL owners but there are no messages talking about football.

There were also no suicide comments or anything foolish involved. This made many to doubt that the email was the real reason that pushed Sapp to decide about donating his brain.

Warren Sapp Declared That His Brain Will be Donated

Sapp also said that his memory loss was also due to his 13 seasons in the league. He explained that he played in the league together with Hall of Fame players who are now considered as legends. Even when the damage in his memory was already noticeable because he can’t remember basic information, he was afraid to admit it.

Every time he forgets something, he said that he tries to reason out that the problem is in his memory and his brain is not malfunctioning. He sadly said that the experience was like being a weak and frightened child. He said that in those times, he needed help.

Sapp also said that his memory was sharp before it deteriorated. Now, he makes use of phone reminders to do even the simplest tasks.

He blames all the “banging” that they did in the league for his condition. He explained that the game was so physical, using his head to tackle players and grabbing face masks. they even allow head slaps during trainings.

In the end, all of it was all part of being a football player. Sapp finally suggested that an improvement must be made in the sport, which is to not allow kids from tackling until they are in high school.

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