Adam Gase Lands on 16th Spot in NFL Networks Coach Rankings

Adam Gase Lands on 16th Spot in NFL Networks Coach Rankings

U.S.A. – Adam Gase, head coach of the Miami Dolphins is exceeding expectations after his team’s strong finish in 2015 with a 6-10 record, despite being his first year in charge.

With ten victories, Gase lead his team to enter their first ever playoffs since 2008. He brought back the respect for the Dolphins, earning a spot in the top 16 coaches of the NFL franchise.

In the recently released rank of coaches from NFL Network, Gase landed on the 16th spot. Head Coach Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots got the top spot in the power ranking.

According to Elliot Harrison of the NFL Network, he was amazed by the performance of Gase in his first year. It didn’t matter if the Dolphins were barely hanging in their game against the Browns with a 1-4 start, or getting 11 wins in the regular season in 2016.  What does matter is that Gase did a great job.

Adam Gase Lands on 16th Spot in NFL Networks Coach Rankings

Gase is a representation of a smart coach, who knows what to do with everything in game. On the other hand, his real challenge this year is to improve Ryan Tannehill’s offensive game in order to make plays using the quarterback. Tannehill’s injury and the surfacing of Jay Ajayi made that impossible last year. Harrison finally said that we just have to wait what Gase has to offer on his second year.

During their loss in their game with Tennessee Titans with a 30-17 score Week 5 at the Hard Rock Stadium, the fans were chanting for Matt More to replace Ryan Tannehill in the position of quarterback in the game but Gase refused to do so.

The results were unexpected as Dolphins win their six out of seven games before the quarterback injured his knee, and Moore continued playing as the quarterback, finishing the season with three more wins for their next four games.

The future for the reign of Gase in the Dolphins is still something to watch out for despite their loss in the AFC Wild Card Game. We can expect Gase moving up to the top ten ranking of the NFL Network for coaches if he manages to put the Dolphins in their second playoffs appearance.

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