Ironhead Gallon Wants a Spot in Cardinals

ARIZONA – The Arizona Cardinals now has six spots for their safeties position after releasing Drico Johnson and Cyril Noland-Lewis. This means that there are only six remaining safety players in their roster.

Meanwhile, an undrafted free agent from Georgia Southern hopes to get a spot on the 53-man roster. Budda Baker, Antoine Bethea, and Tyrann Mathieu are the only players playing for the spot who guaranteed to get into the 53-man roster.

The team can keep five safeties if they decide to do their usual strategy of using three-safety packages. This leaves them with two open spots in the position and Deshawntee “Ironhead” Gallon is one of the hopefuls who want to get in.

Ironhead Gallon Wants a Spot in Cardinals

Gallon is a former linebacker from Georgia Southern who is known for his very robust defensive style and hard hitting tackles, hence the moniker Ironhead. He has already played the safety position back in college, though his pass defensive game is still something to be developed. But all-in-all, he is a good prospect for the remaining spots.

Some downsides for this defensive player include his pass defense and lack of experience, which leads some to wonder if he can excel at the other positions in the NFL. As of now, the other competing players for the spot are Jonathan “Rudy” Ford, Harlan Miller, and Tyvon Branch. However, there are also available UDFA veterans this offseason that can get into the roster like Jairus Byrd and Rashad Johnson

Nevertheless, Gallon is a strong candidate with a great finish during last year’s season with a record of 102 tackles, 6 pass defended, and 6 tackles for loss. Ironhead is also one of the top players in the Sun Belt Conference

Gallon will have another chance to catch the eyes of other NFL teams when the cut down for 75-man takes place. If he makes it to the roster, it will give him another chance to make his mark on the Cardinals and other NFL teams and claim a position as a safety in the NFL.

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