Jeremy Maclin Chose the Ravens Over the Bills

BALTIMORE, Maryland – Last Monday, 29-year-old wide receiver Jeremy Maclin has finally decided between the Bills and the Ravens. He chose the latter, joining Marty Mornhinweg and QB Joe Flacco for a two-year deal.

Maclin’s decision is expected to have a significant domino effect on the Bills. The team desperately needs to extend and strengthen their passing ability to keep up with Sammy Watkins. According to Coach Sean McDermott and their running back LeSean McCoy, Maclin has the necessary attributes that they are looking for. Coach McCoy was very bullish, and he did everything he could to get Maclin in their roster over the last ten days.

Jeremy Maclin Chose the Ravens Over the Bills

According to sources, Philly tried to pursue the veteran even though the Eagles’ Coach, Doug Pederson, had already announced that they are not interested in Maclin. There was a mounting interest in signing Maclin back in Philadelphia, which was his home team since his first 5 NFL seasons.

The two-year contract is expected to help Maclin recover from several unfortunate events that he went through last year. His 2016 performance, which was suddenly ended by an injury, should have been a long streak of 172 passes caught and 18 touchdowns within 2,406 yards.

The Ravens fell short this offseason because of their lack of offence. However, it might also be because of their reputation as a constant contender which made Maclin pick the Ravens. He is a player who had played exclusively for various teams in the mix since his 2009 NFL debut.

Maclin is one of the better picks in the receiving area with a career-best of 70.2 percent catching percentage in the last full season he played. According to analysts, Maclin finally signing with the Ravens could also push Erick Decker, who is the next-best choice in the pool of available players, to join the Jets.

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