Kirk Cousins: July 15 Is the Telling Date

Kirk Cousins: July 15 Is the Telling Date

Washington, DC – The desire of Kirk Cousins to play with the Redskins has long been ignored.

According to him, he is having a good situation in his present transaction. So, will Cousins be getting a long-term deal earlier than July 15, which is the schedule of the cutoff for signing of the franchise traded players? In an interview, Cousins announced that this question will soon be answered.

He explained that everything is running smoothly. He had a good conversation with everyone in the process and he feels that they all understand what needs to be done. He said that he is comfortable with his current team, his teammates, and for now, it’s just all about looking at the future. July 15 will be the “telling date” and everything should be revealed by then, according to the quarterback.

For the majority of the tagged players in the franchise, it’s not good to have short-term contracts. But for Cousins, he is getting used to it while still looking for a deal which is more secure.

Kirk Cousins: July 15 Is the Telling Date

Cousins said that he is an experienced quarterback, but not in closing deals and such. He now has his agents to deal with the contracts, though he is already getting used to the interviews and the questions. He explained that this is his second time and this kind of situation doesn’t bother him anymore.

Meanwhile, after the former general manager Scot McCloughan has been sacked in the office of the Redskins, the team’s management is having some instability more than two months now. Team president Bruce Allen is still not answering whether he will find some to take care of the position, though he is bullish for getting Cousins with a multi-year contract.

The situation of the Washington team spells disorganization. Locking in with the quarterback first can be tricky when the front-office is still unstable. However, it is expected that the Redskins will figure out how to fix thing since they have enough time to do so.

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