Carson Palmer to Play 15th Year After His Body Responded

Carson Palmer to Play 15th Year After His Body Responded

TEMPE, Ariz. – Right after Arizona Cardinals’ victory over Los Angeles Rams, Palmer decided that he was going back in 2017. This was in spite of the lack of assurance that his body is ready to set foot on the field again.

Carson Palmer faced a lot of queries regarding his retirement after the 14thseason ended. On May 9, he expressed that he would continue playing this coming season especially since his contract is until 2018. However, his body is not too sure about this decision.

Last Tuesday, in his first news conference after the last season, he said that everyone would experience taking a while to go back to 100 percent, no matter how old they are.  He added that you just have to listen to what your body tells you. It was along these lines that Palmer told us that he would not yet retire.

Carson Palmer to Play 15th Year After His Body Responded1

Hearing other people talk about how their bodies just gave up, Palmer continued to defy the odds because he thought to himself that he was not yet in that situation. He felt that he was getting another shot soon, and this made him excited.

However, he knew that his 37-year-old body totally has the say as to how far he will go. He was constantly observing his performance in the last season. As he went further in the last season, he knew that his body would survive and make it . and that was when he knew that he could do it again.

Retiring is still far from his consideration as he prepares for his upcoming 15th season. He also reiterated that knowing your body involves consistent evaluation. He further adds that it is wise to evaluate your overall health and your body’s performance at the end of the season so you can decide where to do from there.

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