Tyrod Taylor of Buffalo Bills: Not Guaranteed for Quarterback Post

Tyrod Taylor of Buffalo Bills Not Guaranteed for Quarterback Post

One of the best quarterbacks in the roster of Buffalo Bills is Tyrod Taylor, but the new manager of Bills said that it does not guarantee his position because there will be a competition for every position.

New general manager Brandon Beane has decided to have an open competition for every post including quarterback because there are also good candidates that might qualify to be the quarterback. He mentioned Nathan Peterman, the young fifth-round pick, Cardale Jones with a huge arm and ability, and T.J. Yates with a good performance on the start of his career.

With the team’s latest restructure, Coach Sean McDermott and Manager Brandon Beane have decided to take everything as new. They had no bad things to say about Taylor, and they were amazed by Taylor’s performance as the quarterback in the recent days.

Bills coach said that he’s excited about the competition as it will open a challenge to every player to do their best to earn the position they want to take. He also added that he’s not a type of coach whose business is to hand out positions but he has a huge trust on Tyrod that he can make it again.

Tyrod Taylor of Buffalo Bills Not Guaranteed for Quarterback Post1

Beane was asked if they will add a quarterback every year and he said that they would do their homework and research until they feel that their team is at 100 percent. He also mentioned that the draft is not just for the sake of drafting the players, but it is a way to express that you believe in them.

The manager of Bills also added that the reason behind the draft is to find a top-level quarterback. He added that you could not just base it on history or find it somewhere, but you need to draft it to find the one.

The 27-year-old veteran football player needs to prove to the management that he can harbor the quarterback post by successfully winning the down line. If he has successfully done the challenge, it only means that he can win the gig in this coming new NFL season.

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