Who Will Bring Home the Bacon for the NFL’s Rookie Award 2017?

Who Will Bring Home the Bacon for the NFL’s Rookie Award 2017

Some of the favorite players that we see as prospective awardees of the most honorable recognition that a football player can receive, Rookie of the Year, have been named.

There are a handful of candidates for this award this approaching season. Who else will follow or surpass the footsteps of last year’s awardees, Dak Prescott and Joey Bosa? These two players contributed stunning draft positions that made the last season terrific and fun.

The upcoming season of the National Football League will surely be full of fun and excitement as the 32 teams fight again for the title of best team this year. But before that, we’ve prepared a list of five shortlisted candidates who we see as best for the Rookie of the Year title.

Who Will Bring Home the Bacon for the NFL’s Rookie Award 2017

First on our list is Leonard Fournette of Jaguars. He is a total workhorse for the team and a reliable teammate especially in running 1,200 yards with full-blown agility and strength. His teammates might agree that they can win the game by just passing the ball to Fournette all throughout the game as he can do at least ten touchdowns.

Another perfect candidate for the Rookie title is Corey Davis of Titans. He is a player that makes a dream team with his “I can do all things” characteristic. His performances, from running deep routes to taking over halfway passes over the middle, are simply amazing. The combination of his speed and size makes him the number one receiver in NFL.

Third on our list is Christian McCaffrey of Panthers. McCaffrey does not know the word tired as he seems to enjoy carrying the ball all over again during the whole game. He can carry it twenty-five times, and he can score no less than ten touchdowns. No wonder why he was named as the “most all-purpose yards” in one season.

David Cook of Vikings is also part of the list as he can create yards by himself. Vikings is somehow not good in creating the offensive line, and Cook has made a way for the team to surpass the defenders and make the ball slippery in his hands.

Last in the list is Deshaun of Texans who needs to first win the starting job with Texans. It won’t be easy, but we know Deshaun can show more this season as compared to what he did last season at Clemson. With his playful legs and accurate throwing skill, he can net the award if he’ll do his best.

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