Sam Bradford: Highest Paid NFL Player According to Forbes

Sam Bradford: Highest Paid NFL Player According to Forbes

Sam Bradford, the Minnesota Vikings quarterback, is considered as one of the highest paid players in the National Football League as he has taken cents from every team he played.

This claim was supported by Forbes when his name was featured on the list of the world’s highest paid athletes in the year 2016.  According to Forbes, Bradford made it to the number 60 spot as he accrued a total earning of $24.3 million last year.

As the number one pick in the football league’s playoff in 2010, Bradford already signed three contracts that aligned to provide all his needs, especially in breaking his team’s bank account.

Sam Bradford

During his stay in Eagles, he earned $13 million in his first season (2015) and the team upgraded it to an $18-million deal for the year 2016. This was later upgraded to $18 million with an additional $4 million as part of the 2017 season’s deal.

Not to mention the $11 million signing bonus, the team paid him $24 million for one season which ended with a score of 7-9. This time, Vikings traded a draft pick for Bradford by paying the final $7 million of Bradford’s 2016 contract to Eagles.

When Bridgewater, a quarterback player in Vikings, was cut from the team, Bradford was the only quarterback player in the team, and this made him the most important player. This will surely be used as a negotiation point once the next contract gets on the table.

The number one pick in 2010 has proven his strength and agility in the game over the years. Not only that, he’s always using his genius mind in every contract that he signs which makes him richer than yesterday. Bradford can finish his career well and stable because the estimated wages that he could earn is more than $150 million.

Bradford is a trustworthy and a reliable member, but a player to be feared by every team when it comes to contract negotiations.

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