Elliot Eyeing to be Elusive Second-Level Runner This Season

Elliot Eyeing to be Elusive Second-Level Runner This Season

DALLAS-FORT WORTH, Texas – Despite his impressive rookie debut by leading the Dallas Cowboys in the league last year, Ezekiel Elliot still found some room for improvement for this year’s playoffs.

Others may have perceived this as a sign of humility, but this season’s runners should see this as a threat. With an impressive rookie record franchise of 1, 631 yards and a 15-touchdown record in NFL, an improvement would definitely be something to look forward to this year.

In his team’s website, Elliot revealed his intention to outrun his achievements so far by focusing on being an elusive second-level runner, and he doesn’t want to be just average, mind you, but rather a dominant one. This shocked his fans since they see his performance as being dynamic since he does well despite being in the first, second, or third level.

Elliot Eyeing to be Elusive Second-Level Runner This Season

To nail the weight of his statement further, this 2016 rookie just fell some yards short of the all-time rookie franchise rushing record held by Erick Dickerson. Elliot’s season with the Dallas Cowboys last year led the team to a historic play. He is averaging at 108 rushings (in yards) per game. If he is determined to improve, just imagine how monstrous his performance is going to be!

Power is obviously prevalent in his performance streak. But in his recent statement, Zeke wanted to add some technique by increasing the length of his runs, that is, by focusing on his second-level run.

On the other hand, Elliot couldn’t have done this great without his equally great team line-up. This, however, will be different this coming season since two won’t be playing alongside him anymore. The Cowboy’s tackle, Free, has now retired while their guard, Leary, signed up with another team, the Broncos.

Let’s see how these latest developments from the phenomenal rookie and his team will go from here in the next season.

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