Even FBI was called in to find Tom Brady’s missing jersey in Mexico

Tom Brady's missing jersey

At last, quarterback Tom Brady’s stolen Super Bowl LI game-winning jersey has been found and interestingly, the FBI was called in, and they traced the Jersey to Mexico Amigos! The NFL on Monday unhanded a statement confirming that a joint operation between the league, the New England Patriots’ security team, and the FBI were involved in the cross-country search.

Further, the investigating team also recovered a Tom Brady jersey worn in New England’s Super Bowl XLIX win over the Seahawks during the operation.

The purple-white No.12 jersey seemed to just walk away from the premises after Patriots’ 34-28 overtime victory over Falcons was valued at approximately $500,000 said Houston police chief, Art Acevedo. Earlier, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick stated that the jersey has a historical value i.e., it is called the “most valuable NFL collectible ever.”

Finally, after six weeks search, the NFL disclosed that an investigation by the FBI, NFL security, and Texas law enforcement officials found the jerseys in possession of a “credentialed member of the international media.”

Chief Art Acevedo (@ArtAcevedo) posted on Twitter:

During his MVP news conference, a day after New England’s thrilling comeback win in Super Bowl LI Brady said that the jersey, he put it in his bag and he came out, and it wasn’t there anymore. It was unfortunate because that was a nice piece of memorabilia. Brady joked if the jersey ended up on eBay, let him know.

But finally, his excruciating wait has met its end.



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