New England Patriots to Face Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl 2017

New England Patriots to Face Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl 2017

NEW JERSEY –AFC Champions New England Patriots will be going against the NFC Champions Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, the 5th of February at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas.

One of these teams, by virtue of their 2-0 playoffs mark, could become the 11th team in NFL history to have a perfect streak in the post season.

It will be a battle of offense versus defense.  Atlanta boasts of having the best receiver in the game and they could take advantage of the absence of injured Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski.  On the other hand, having Tom Brady on the team is enough to do the talking for New England as the QB’s ability to exploit weakness is unparalleled.

Expect the Patriots to be a lot physical because of the Falcons’ hi-octane offense but Bill Belichick is a master in game plans and he will be out there to do some disruptions. This is what fans should anticipate as the game progresses.

There are many deciding factors to consider but it can be all about execution and mental toughness.  It has been proven in the past that teams tend to collapse due to the hype and immensity of the event.

The odds are favoring the Patriots, making them the three-point favorites. The 58.5 over-under is the highest in Super Bowl history and this year’s Super Bowl is only the 10th time to feature at least a total of 50.

Atlanta managed to cash 15 overs in 15 games, a feat done by the Denver Broncos in 1997 en route to winning the Super Bowl that year. The Falcons have a chance to catch history if they win this year’s Super Bowl.

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