Ever wondered how tough it gets to be an NFL Cheerleader?


Cheerleaders may look like living a lavish life, but evidently, it is not a high paying career. The role calls for strong physique and is one of most time-consuming jobs out there.

Requirements of the Job

Going Professional in cheerleading requires more than game time entertainment. Cheerleaders have to cope up with strict weight, fitness and appearance criteria. Also, the make-up and stylist spendings have to be paid the girls. Strict practices before games, during the week and off-season, have to be attended. Additionally, photo shoots, autograph signings, and other events add up to the role. But, sadly there is no additional compensation involved for this extra work.

How much exactly do they earn?

Each team has different paying systems for their cheerleaders. There is no single governing body looking after their pay scales.  But most teams pay a flat per-game rate.

According to a report by the Atlantic (2014)

  • The Seattle Seahawks pay $10 an hour plus overtime.
  • The San Diego Chargers pay $75 per home game.
  • The Baltimore Ravens pay $100.
  • The Dallas Cowboys pay $150.
  • The Oakland Raiders pay $125 per game.

Recently, according to Totalsportek, Elite Leaders of the squads can make up to $3000 to $3500 in a season, and Support Cheerleaders get around to 1500$ 2000$.

However, cheerleaders can channel additional income via paid appearances and sell calendars from their personal photo shoots. Also, free game tickets and stadium parking passes and even free travel is provided.

History has it that being a cheerleader also can be lead to more esteemed and better-paying entertainment endeavors. Moreover, it paves the way for TV industry and the Hollywood.

Kristin Adams (Dallas Cowboys ) and Lisa Guerrero (Los Angeles Rams) are two mentions who became famous.


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