Browns Coach never dreamt of a defeat by 0-10

The Cleveland Browns’ have had bad games before, but a defeat by 0-10 is extremely humiliating. Hue Jackson, the first coach of Browns, said that he didn’t ever dream of this defeat. The team remained winless in 2016 and lost by 28-7 at Baltimore.

Jackson has been doing all he can with the NFL’s youngest team. However, these back-to-back defeats are testing him as a coach. Browns will soon join the Detroit Lions of 2008 as the only 0-16 squads in league history.


Jackson’s Words on this Situation

Jackson said that he is not going to run from this situation and hopes to turn it around. He has an excellent staff who is in his support and the owner who still trusts him.

The Browns have lost 13 straight games since last season. This is the 14th double digit loss season for them in 18 years.

The dedicated fans of the club are disappointed by the team’s performance, and they are bailing the franchise. Last week, FirstEnergy Stadium was filled by Dallas fans.

The owners Dee and Jimmy Haslam are not happy with team’s performance. However, Jackson said that the owners understand that there would always be some the pain in the growth.

On a conference call, Jackson said that the team is in a disappointing situation and none of them want to be there. He also accepted that hey need to fight their way out of it. He requested the fans of the club to hang on with them, and he is confident that things will soon be better.

Jackson defended his decision of calling back quarterback Cody Kessler in the second half on Thursday and replacing him with Josh McCown. As per him, there was a chance to win despite the fact that Kessler gave Browns a lead of 7-6 before the halftime.

However, Jackson’s decision didn’t turn out to be good, and McCown cracked under heavy pressure. McCown was intercepted twice and sacked on three occasions.

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