Curry Made Enough Free-throws For An Entire Season After Game 5

Curry Made Enough Free-throws For An Entire Season After Game 5

OAKLAND, Calif. – Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry seems to have little to no plan of missing a free throw this season. His current record of 47 easy shots is quite amazing, especially since it’s just the fifth game of the season.

Coach Steve Kerr seems to have some experience with an almost perfect season, only missing one of his free throws in the 2001-02, over 68 games. He made 39 out of 40 free throws, netting him a 97.8 percentage.

The thing is, it’s just past game five, but Curry had already surpassed the number of shots he made the entire season. His most free throws in a season are 97, and Stephen Curry is past halfway that in five games.

Steve Nash, the special assistant to the Warriors, definitely noticed Curry’s dramatic uptick. As a same two-time MVP, Nash also has a great free throw percentage. He has a 90.4 percent, but he only averaged 2.8 free throws per game in his entire career.

Curry Made Enough Free-throws For An Entire Season After Game 5

Nash commended Curry’s strength on the free throw line and the fact that his skill is seen as a threat, that opponents are naturally drawn to a foul. He didn’t even have to fish for it.

Curry was reluctant to comment on his current streak, saying he does not want to jinx it. He is already very close to breaking his current best of 52, and 11 shots away from Warriors’ all-time best Rick Barry in 1976. He might even be able to challenge Minnesota’s Michael Williams who set a 97 benchmark in the NBA in 1993.

Curry admitted that he’s getting conscious of his streak. He can’t get into the line without thinking about his current score. It’s his goal to keep misses at the minimum, and he is not trying to draw fouls into himself.

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