Stephen Curry Throws Tantrum In The Basketball Court

Stephen Curry Throws Tantrum In The Basketball Court

MELBOURNE, Australia – Stephen Curry had just been ejected from an NBA season for throwing his mouth guard at the NBA referee last Saturday.

Curry was in a state of frustration when the Golden State Warriors failed to make a tilt in their latest game.

No word has been said about Curry getting fined for what happened, but Garry Lyon said a severe punishment fits what Curry did. Lyon explained that considering how influential Curry is in the realm of basketball, he should not have behaved the way he did on Saturday in front of a wide international audience. He went on that he should show a more decent example to young fans.

On the other hand, Tim Watson, a sports journalist, shared a different view about the matter. He said the NBA should not immediately jump into suspending Curry, explaining that the suspension should come after he receives a fine and warning. If Curry’s behavior doesn’t improve, then that is the time that he should receive a suspension.

Stephen Curry Throws Tantrum In The Basketball Court

Golden State Warriors Coach Steve Kerr joked about the matter saying that he was with the other team right after the game. Curry’s actions did not seem to affect his coach seriously. However, Kerr said he deserved to be out for about ten games considering what Curry did.

Curry in a while defended himself, saying that hitting the referee with a mouth guard was not his intention. He even said that if he wanted to hit the ref with his mouth guard, then there would have been a positive hit.

The NBA Superstar also added that he had better aim than what transpired. He explained that he was just frustrated because he thought there was a foul on his play. He threw the mouth guard in agitation and ended up going the referee’s direction.

With what transpired, he admitted that he deserved whatever it is was coming to him, and promised to avoid doing it next time.


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