Dallas Mavericks vs Houston Rockets Live Stream: How to Watch Online

This game will commence on October 21st, 2017. Let us explain what to expect from the game and where you can watch this game specifically.

How to Watch

Date and Time: October 21st, 2017 8:00 PM EST

Venue: Toyota Center

TV: FOX Sports (US Regional)

Online Stream: FuboTV (US Desktop & Mobile) – (Subscription required. Click here to watch your free Fubo TV trial and watch now.  You can cancel at any time. DVR Available.)

Dallas Mavericks Team News

Dallas are currently 0-2. They haven’t been great at all. They lost games to the Kings and the Hawks. They have a solid rim protector in Nerlens Noel, and a veteran shooter in Dirk. However, they are going to need a bit more than this to win easily. They will be missing players such as Seth Curry, Devin Harris and Dennis Smith Jr. This means that quality scoring and defending will have to come from other source. The Mavs have the resources to do this, they just need to dig deep.

Houston Rockets Team News

The Rockets are in a bit of a situation themselves. Chris Paul could be out for a month, and the Stadium is likely to be fairly empty. Most Houston fans will be attending the Houston Astros game. So unless you are a die hard Rockets fan, you may miss this game. Chris Paul is suffering a knee injury, which kept him out of Wednesday’s game. It’s arguable how serious this injury is, however, most would agree that it is a 2-4 week timeline. The Rockets will certainly miss his vision and attacking style, but they cannot rely upon this. They have many other weapons who are more than capable of scoring, such has Harden. The Rockets have quite a bit of depth in their roster, so they should be safe for the next few weeks or so.