76ers’ Ben Simmons Applauded For Impressive Statline

76ers’ Ben Simmons Applauded For Impressive Statline

SURRY HILLS, Australia – Ben Simmons from Australia had a fantastic game in his first NBA regular season, hitting a score of 18 points paired with a rebound of 10. Even though Simmons’ sleek moves did not grant the Philadelphia 76ers a win against the Wizards, he still got plenty of props coming from one of the most renowned players in the world of basketball.

Even All-Star Wizards player John Wall gave him recognition in connection to how well he played during the game. Wall stated that Simmons played like Lebron James during the match, putting emphasis on how Simmons took the ball from the rim.

However, nothing is as flattering as having the coach himself gave him props for a job well done. Coach Brett Brown from the Philadelphia 76ers commended Simmons for the extraordinary play of his first NBA regular season.

76ers’ Ben Simmons Applauded For Impressive Statline

They were not the only ones to notice Simmons’ harmony in the court. All types of warm words came from different directions, but he just said that the whole game only felt like a video game to him.

Simmons shared with the media that as he took a glimpse at co-player Joel Embiid, he is weirdly reminded of the NBA 2K series, which is unsurprisingly his favorite video game.

The heaps of praises were due to the fact that he has garnered a position as one of the few players to end a game with a total score of 18 points, paired with 5 assists and 10 rebounds in basketball history. The first one to attain this accomplishment was Grant Hill. Simmons was the second.

Ordinarily, a loss of 120-115 would lead the team feeling all dismal, but something else turned the situation around. It was the fact that the Philadelphia 76ers team made a rare accomplishment. Having a teammate making a historical achievement is much better than winning one match.

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