China Will Not Be Hosting NBA Regular Seasons Yet

China Will Not Be Hosting NBA Regular Seasons Yet

BRISTOL, Conn. – The Golden State Warriors ended the Shanghai Preseason ball game with Minnesota Timberwolves with a 142-110. Fans from China still has not gotten over the NBA games, even a few days after the actual event.

As a matter of fact, Fan Feifei who is part of the NBA staff said that he is astounded by how supportive fans are about the NBA. They kept on talking about the game on social media, showing how enthusiastic they are about the game, which is not very surprising since it is not everyday that people see their favorite NBA players in the flesh.

The fans are going crazy about seeing the game live. If people are expending all the effort and enthusiasm for just a couple of ball games, then no one can help but ask the question “Is this a good sign that China is ready to host a regular season ball game for the NBA?”

Klay Thompson and Draymond Green from the Golden State Warriors team shared some stories regarding their experience with a couple of fans from China.

China Will Not Be Hosting NBA Regular Seasons Yet

Green came across a male fan who sobbed in tears as he asked his jersey to be signed. Thompson, on the other hand, experienced being followed around wherever he went in the city by a female who he presumes to be a fan.

David Shoemaker, CEO of NBA China, thought that the Chinese fans are amazing and sweet. He said that the way Chinese fans treated the players show just how special they are to their hearts.

Shoemaker added that the Chinese fans’ enthusiasm gives the NBA players extra support and leverage. He also mentioned a time when Chris Paul insisted in playing the game despite a hand injury that he was trying to mend, all because he wanted to make his fans happy.

However, Adam Silver, NBA Commissioner, has made it clear that China will not be hosting regular seasons of NBA games anytime soon.

He said that it would be difficult for the players to travel from the U.S. to China due to the long distance. He also said that they could host preseasons. However, it is not possible to host regular seasons because airplane technologies have not gotten that fast yet.

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