Oklahoma City Thunder Wins Against Melbourne United By One

Oklahoma City Thunder Wins Against Melbourne United By One

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – Russell Westbrook, a professional basketball player for Thunder Oklahoma City, congratulated his teammates for a job well done in the professional basketball game of the Melbourne United of Australia last Saturday.

The Thunder was in trouble during the remaining few seconds of teammate Josh Huestis. They only had six remaining seconds to acquire a score of 86-85, but things still fell in its proper place as they led the game by one point.

The Melbourne United is pretty aggressive when it comes to playing basketball. The Thunder found it difficult to get their shoestrings together. The NBA team had trouble keeping their game consistent with Carmelo Anthony getting into court for 31 minutes. Paul George was also balling for 39 minutes while Russell Westbrook played for 28 minutes.

Westbrook was only able to score three points out of 10 tries. George, on the other hand, scored five points out of his 17 tries while Anthony has obtained six shots out of his 19 tries.

Oklahoma City Thunder Wins Against Melbourne United By One

Despite that, Billy Donovan, the OKC Thunder coach, thought that the other team’s aggressiveness did them more good than bad. It taught them a thing or two about teamwork.

“Their aggressiveness probably at times took us out of some rhythm and flow, which was good,” Donovan stated. “And us having to work through that was really important.”

Last season, Westbrook was named as MVP after scoring 42 triple-doubles. Apart from that, he also led the team to a victory after garnering 31.6 points, not to mention the 10.7 rebounds that he contributed during the game.

Well, it would seem like Paul George is following the footsteps of his teammate Westbrook. Just recently, people have noticed how George was getting comfortable playing in the court even when Westbrook and Anthony remain in the seats.

Right now, the Thunder is still preparing for their remaining preseason at Denver, which will be followed by a game versus the Knicks nine days later.

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