All-Star Picking Format Changes; Players, Coaches Express Reactions

All-Star Picking Format Changes; Players, Coaches Express Reactions

CONNECTICUT – For the longest time, All-Star teams have been using the traditional East vs. West format to determine match lineups. All of those changes now because, for the first time in the NBA history, team captains will now have the authority to pick out the All-Star team players rather than settling on each conference’s top voted player. This format increases the captain’s honor of taking his pick from the pool of basketball superstars.

With this new system in place, it begs the question of who will end up being the captains of each team. It also opens the discussion as to which of the best players in the NBA they will pick for their team and which of them will be tossed aside. How will the new All-Star Game look, with, say, the likes of LeBron and Curry as team captains?

With next year’s All-Star Game rapidly approaching, the drastic changes in the tried-and-true All-Star team format that were announced this week are already starting to spark some interesting conversations, with players and coaches all voicing out their own opinions.

All-Star Picking Format Changes; Players, Coaches Express Reactions

Seasoned NBA players Steph Curry and Draymond Green welcome the idea, with Curry saying that it adds a lot of much-needed spice to the game. It rekindles some excitement from the longtime fans that are used to seeing teams that were exclusively either in the East or West.

As per Draymond Green’s opinion, last year’s All-Star game was “pretty boring,” and goes on to say that he is not sure about the outcome of this idea, but is anxious to see how it turns out.

Steve Kerr, the head coach of the Golden State Warriors, thinks that the proposed changes need a little more tweaking with all the best players from both sides present in the roster and not just 12 from each side.

However, some NBA players disapprove the changes like Richard Jefferson of the Cleveland Cavs. According to them, the All-Stars have devolved to become somewhat of a joke with this recent development.

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