LaVar Ball Is Pulling His Son LaMelo Ball Out Of High School

LaVar Ball Is Pulling His Son LaMelo Ball Out Of High School

CALIFORNIA – LaVar Ball is pulling his son, UCLA commit LaMelo Ball, out of Chino Hills High School and said he would have him homeschooled. LaVar wanted to train his son LaMelo and said he would make him the best player ever.

LaVar’s aim in making his son as a stud player in college and as a future NBA star had a significant influence in his decision.

“I’m making him the best basketball player, ever,” LaVar said in an interview with LA Times.

LaMelo is considered as a prospected five-star player and ranked as No.17 in 2019 class and has made infamous rounds on social media. A week after his 16th birthday, LaMelo introduced his very own signature sneaker.

LaVar Ball and Dennis Latimore, Chino Hill’s new coach, are reported to have been having issues with one another. “It’s better for Melo to be pulled out of school, less distractions, focus is what he needed,” LaVar said.

LaVar Ball Is Pulling His Son LaMelo Ball Out Of High School

Chino Hills’ former Coach Steve Baik helped the school to its 35-0 record on a previous season before leaving for Fairfax. “A few months ago, I thought this would happen. I am disappointed it couldn’t have worked better for LaMelo and the players. They’re good kids. If I knew this was going to be the result, I probably wouldn’t have left. I didn’t foresee this happening”, Baik said.

Moreover, Lonzo Ball, LaMelo’s big brother, was ranked No.2 for this year’s NBA draft overall pick by the Lakers. After his second preseason game, Lonzo’s continuous development was overwhelming but Luke Walton, the Lakers’ coach, still wants him to show more aggressiveness and selfishness.

The next time everyone gets to see LaMelo play again is in the next spring ball. LaVar said his son still intends to join the UCLA. However, he thinks his decision is still the best for his son.

LaMelo’s leaving will surely have significant effects on Southern Californian basketball, let alone Chino Hills.

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