LA Lakers to Retire Kobe Bryant’s Numbers 8 and 24

LA Lakers to Retire Kobe Bryant’s Numbers 8 and 24

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Los Angeles Lakers insiders confirmed the reports that the NBA team will be retiring the jersey numbers used by Kobe Bryant in a ceremony in December.

The Lakers management has yet to explain why they are retiring Kobe Bryant’s numbers 8 and 24. Traditionally, the team gives up a number when the player makes it to the NBA Hall of Fame. However, they are pretty confident that the former shooting guard will be awarded before the year ends.

The target is to have the ceremony before the year ends, just a few days before the team’s bout against the Golden State Warriors on December 18.

LA Lakers to Retire Kobe Bryant’s Numbers 8 and 24

Some critics thought that the group would only be retiring one number. This made the basketball community spark a debate as to which number must be relinquished.

The Pennsylvania-born baller will be the 10th superstar to have his number retired in the franchise. Bryant is an addition to the teams’ Hall of Fame list, which includes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jamaal Wilkes, Gail Goodrich, Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West, James Worthy, and Magic Johnson.

The number eight jersey was worn when the ace player started his basketball career in 1997. He began using the number 24 in 2006 until he bid farewell to the painted court in 2015.

Kobe Bryant helped build LA Lakers’ history, winning five championships. He was awarded Most Valuable Player twice out of the five. He has played 18 All Star games and was awarded as the league’s 2008 Most Valuable Player.

His final game for the franchise was also one for the books as he nailed 60 points, with 23 gained from first quarter shots. He is regarded as the youngest baller to reach 30,000 points for his entire career. After his retirement, he became an adviser to the owner of the franchise.

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