Steph Curry Supports Colin Kaepernick Via Instagram Story

Steph Curry Supports Colin Kaepernick Via Instagram Story

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Golden State Warriors’ ace player Steph Curry was watching the 49ers when he posted his support for NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick through Instagram.

The NBA Superstar attended the NFL season opener game with the 49ers competing against the Panthers. He took a picture of the field, editing it to include #freekaep. The hashtag was referring to the protest staged by Colin Kaepernick.

It can be recalled that the free agent quarterback sparked controversy in the previous NFL season. He knelt to protest the National Anthem last year. According to him, it was his way to make people aware of ongoing police brutality and racial inequality. He opted out of the 49ers in March this year. Unfortunately, he remains unemployed.

Steph Curry Supports Colin Kaepernick Via Instagram Story

The event has led to the formation of Standing 4 Kaepernick, a group of fans and supporters who have the same advocacies as the San Francisco 49ers field general. The advocacy group has posted on its Facebook page its intent to protest during the first games in all NFL stadiums.

Tio Hardimann, an activist, stated that Kaepernick just used his right to express what he feels freely. The community activist is one of the many supporters who are encouraging others to boycott the games.

In an interview last year, Curry stated that he was impressed with Kaepernick’s protest that did not harm anyone. He also expressed his hope that this would lead to a better treatment of people of color, especially to African-American immigrants. He believes that the issue will not stop until these are addressed correctly.

Colin Kaepernick has reiterated that he will only stand for the National Anthem if a team signed him up for this year. He is confident that the standpoint he made last season is enough to address the issues regarding injustice and violence.

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