NBA Gets an A- for Race and Gender Hiring Practices

NBA Gets an A- for Race and Gender Hiring Practices

Orlando, Fla. – NBA gets another good hiring practices score this year as The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport gave the institution an average of A-.

The 2016-17 season got an A for racial employment and B for gender – keeping their average in good standing for almost two decades. Richard Lapchick wrote the report.

Based on TIDES’ records on hiring practices, 30 per cent of NBA’s coaches and 45 per cent of assistants are people of color. The league is also the first to have 3 franchise owners of color.

However, the basketball league got an F for the higher management level as they only have 4 people in team management and 3 general managers of color. It also has received a D for gender hiring for VPs of the teams, with only 24 per cent females in that department.

NBA Gets an A- for Race and Gender Hiring Practices

However, there was a significant change on the team senior administrative positions on gender hiring as it scored 29 per cent versus 24 per cent in 2015-16.

According to Lapchick, this is the second year that they have discussed with NBA the lack women in the senior head posts. But NBA is still pardonable in that area.

Moreover, NBA holds the record of giving the highest post to a person of color in the likes of Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum. This improvement in the league’s qualifications can be attributed to its past two commissioners – Adam Silver and David Stern.

Silver kicked out Donald Sterling, the owner of Los Angeles Clippers, in 2014. Silver discovered that Sterling made derogatory remarks on people of color. This did not sit well on Silver.

Lapchick hopes that NBA would continue to improve its hiring practices as the new season starts. He believed that the league would never go wrong under the leadership of a good commissioner.

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