Paul George Rumored to Join the Cavaliers Next Season

Paul George Rumored to Join the Cavaliers Next Season

New York City, New York – Another season starts anew as free agents, like Paul George and Carmelo Anthony, are rumored to join the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Talks of a highly-possible draft linking Cavs to Paul George has been going around the NBA circle, but nobody has confirmed nor denied the rumor. What if George would really go for it?

If they get George, Cavs has a higher chance to beat the Golden State Warriors. George is the defense master that the team needs to balance with their superb offense. Moreover, George would love to be LeBron James’ teammate.

However, it would be quite impossible to budge any of the Cavs players at the moment, unless there would be one to raise his hand for a nice buyout somewhere else.

Paul George Rumored to Join the Cavaliers Next Season

Carmelo Anthony might be in the same situation if he is the one to be chosen. He would not create that much of a team impact against GSW, but he would help increase Cavs’ adaptability. That is if Cavs is willing to trade-off Love over Anthony.

As a free agent, Anthony has a no-trade clause under his contract with the Knicks. The team might start to persuade Anthony now that they are “Jackson-less.”

Another team to consider on George’s bucket list is the Lakers. Though it will not bring him to the championships, he could say he was able to play for the team of his court idol, Kobe Bryant. If Lakers would consider him, he might get another chance to be with James. They are thinking of adding two more spots next year, at the same time James will be a free agent again.

Pacer’s Paul George, together with Gordon Hayward, could also be a nice addition to the Boston Celtics. If both would be on the team, this would be a duo to match-up against James, and George might be ticking off another item on his bucket list.

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