Sneak Peek in the 2017 NBA Draft

Sneak Peek in the 2017 NBA Draft

BROOKLYN, New York – This has been the busiest off-season in recent years. All of the teams are looking for new prospects to improve their rosters. A lot of trade rumors are also going around for the past couple of weeks. Everyone’s excited, so here are some sneak peeks in the 2017 NBA draft.

According to sources, the Lakers are watching for the first-round draft pick to get an additional player in the team. Last Tuesday, it has been reported that the team will trade Timofey Mozgov and D’Angelo Russell in replacement for Brook Lopez of the Brooklyn Nets and the number 27 pick in tonight’s draft.

The trade is very important for the Lakers in order to dispose long-term salaries off its shoulder and also to be able to finally get an additional first round pick. The team is now holding three picks from the first-round draft: number 28, 27, and 2.

Sneak Peek in the 2017 NBA Draft

The extra player from tonight’s draft is expected to complete its package to acquire Paul George of Indiana Pacers in exchange for the number 27 and 28 picks. With George’s announcement that he will leave the Pacers, it is also expected that the team will be more interested in the Laker’s offer.

Russell’s movement to the Nets will open a door for the Lakers to get the number 2 pick, Lonzo Ball, though the team is not promising anything yet.

With the Boston Celtics’ slide to the third spot after its trade with the 76ers, people are getting interested on the picks that they will be getting in tonight’s draft. Most of the projected drafts from the past few weeks point out that its either Jayson Tatum or Josh Jackson. Both of these players can contribute significantly to the Celtics but some predict that Tatum is more likely to be chosen in the 3rd overall pick.

According to a source, the LA Clippers are exerting efforts to land a draft pick, but as for now, they still don’t have any, which is why they are more likely to resort to trades. Their center DeAndre Jordan is a potential trade for the team.

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