Orlando Magic Formally Introduced Their Rookies

ORLANDO, Florida – During yesterday’s press conference, the fans and media have finally met the new rookies of the Orlando Magic team.

In an interview, Jonathan Isaac described his experience in the last 24 hours. He said that there were a lot of media and interviews. It’s a lot to take in, and everything is happening so fast, but he said that they should learn to adapt.

Isaac was the number 6 pick in the NBA Draft last night. Wesley Iwundu is also showing his excitement in the room where he shouted his sentiment to the crowd.

The press con was sort of a homecoming for Isaac, who has been in Florida together with his family for the last seven years.

According to him, the opportunity to give back to his home state, especially the supporters, is a great honor. And he is thankful that he can do it in a little amount of time.

Orlando Magic Formally Introduced Their Rookies

With Isaac’s raw talent, he is not ashamed that his skills are not that developed for the pro basketball. When the media asked about his most useful skill, he humbly said that it is his defense.

According to him, he is a player who can step up on the defensive end, but he is still willing to learn more and develop his arsenal.

As for Iwundu, his basketball journey started in Houston, Texas. He was able to develop his skills in his college years in Kansas State.

According to him, having four years in college basketball really helped him a lot. Those years helped him grow as a person and a player as well. He explained that when you get enough time playing in college, you’ll find yourself and your game. The Orlando’s second round pick also said that having four years in college prepares your mindset for the busy environment in pro basketball.

Iwundu thinks that his unheralded status is the one who drove his rise. He said that he uses the underdog mentality since college to push himself to work harder and play better. He also plans to continue this kind of mentality now that he’s already in Orlando. He said that this mentality would be helpful for the team to bring the pressure and for the team work harder every day.

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