Michigan’s Zak Irvin Mentored by Veteran Players for NBA Draft

Michigan’s Zak Irvin Mentored by Veteran Players for NBA Draft

MICHIGAN – The talent pool in Michigan State has given the NBA many prospects in recent years. Some great examples include Trey Burke in 2013 and Caris LeVert in 2016. The state has a good program that amazingly produces talented players and now their most recent prospect is player Zak Irvin.

The swingman from Michigan was spotted working out with the Detroit Pistons at their practice facility in Auburn Hills last Wednesday. In an interview, he said that working with NBA players really helped a lot. He said that they were like mentors because they were already familiar with the process that he has to go through.

Irvin said that the draft is like an interview and that he has to go there and play to get a spot. He also said that he is aspiring to be an NBA player in order to provide for himself and his family.

Michigan’s Zak Irvin Mentored by Veteran Players for NBA Draft

Other players who were present in the work out session are Syracuse power forward Tyler Lydon, UCLA shooting guard Bryce Alford, Central Michigan point guard Marcus Keene,Richmond big man T.J. Cline, and Kentucky forward Derek Willis.

Irvin will go through the drafting process together with his former teammates in Michigan: D.J. Wilson and Derrick Walton Jr. Both Walton and Irvin had a good run by the end of the season, which boosted their profiles significantly. Michigan ended the season with a strong finish, getting the title in the Big Ten tournament and moving forward to the Sweet 16.

According to Irvin, he and Walton took the right path towards the closing of the season. He explained that they are both focused on playing better and winning the season. They did their best to not let the draft distract them since they just wanted to win. Both Irvin and Walton have showed with their strong performance in the recent season finish.

Irvin said that the NBA knows almost everything about the players they are drafting, so there is no point in hiding anything. Then he explained that his back surgery two years ago will not be a problem because he hasn’t had any injuries since. Finally, he confidently said that he feels 100% healthy.

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