Stephen Curry Blunders in Game 5

Stephen Curry Blunders in Game 5

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. – Game 5 in the NBA finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers was arguably the most spectacular game in the history of the NBA.

The Warriors, as usual, used their great ball movements and clearly brought their A-game to the championship match-up. Cleveland also delivered their best performance in the season with the help of LeBron James.

There were a lot of highflying moves, crossovers, and smart plays. The games were also spiced up with a little stare down between West and Thompson, which cooled off later in the game. On the other hand, after the game was over and the championship was already claimed by the Warriors, some fans just couldn’t help but talk about Stephen Curry’s blunders during the game.

Stephen Curry Blunders in Game 5

With everything going on in the game, Curry seemed to join the action with a different twist. At one point, Curry shoots a three-pointer and while the ball was still in midair, he celebrated in advance, but unfortunately, the ball didn’t go in.

This made many Curry-haters liken him to Nick Young, aka Swaggy P. Of course, this is not a good image for an NBA superstar but Curry appears to be the one who brought this reputation on himself because of his performance in the past couple of seasons. It appears that Curry has a tendency to turn into “Swaggy C” during crucial times, like in the recent game 5 in the NBA finals.

Another undeniable Curry blunder was when he decided to fix his mouth piece while he was dribbling in front of Kyrie Irving. Guess what happened next. Of course, Irving took the opportunity and stole the ball, driving it with an easy layup.

Thankfully for Curry, the blunders were covered with 12 points in the first quarter of the game, though they trailed behind the Cavaliers 37-33. Sure, Curry is an incredible player with a high tendency of 2 to 3 careless turnovers. However, with his ability to shoot, dribble, and make excellent plays, those blunders didn’t matter during game 5.

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