Magic Johnson: Ingram Will Stay with the Lakers

LOS ANGELES, CA – For the third time, the Lakers has the number 2 pick in the overall draft in the NBA. Plus, there are some drama going on in this situation and rumors are spreading that the team will be making a major move.

One of the most fan-favorite rumors is the interest of Paul George to join the team. However, while he’s still on a contract, that would be impossible until summer next year, unless the LA team would offer a trade; it would be a lot easier for him.

The Lakers are somewhat unstable for now. No one can really predict what will happen for this team considering their current situation – new front office, high draft pick, and a young roster. But thanks to an interview with Magic Johnson last Thursday, we are going to get a glimpse of their future.

Magic Johnson

Johnson is the newly positioned president of the basketball operations in the team. In an interview, he said that the player who will stay on their sight is Brandon Ingram, who is the pick from the last year’s first round draft.

He explained that the team is seeing a great potential in Ingram because of his size, length, athleticism, and agility. He is just a rookie, but when you think about all those factors, you can see greater possibilities within him. The team is excited about the future of this new player.

Ingram is one of the best performing rookies in Lakers. He ended the season with a 13.2-point average, 3.9 rebounds, and 2.5 assists. He showed great power on the court with his agility and athleticism. It would certainly be a good move for the Lakers to keep Ingram and develop his talent. He would also be a good combination with Paul George to maximize the strength of the team.

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