Mills Might Have Cut His Worth in the NBA

Mills Might Have Cut His Worth in the NBA

SAN ANTONIO, TX – The recent injury of the San Antonio point guard Tony Parker from their game against the Golden State Warriors posted an excellent opening for Patrick Mills to increase his worth for his following contracts in the NBA league.

Mills is a pending free agent who was given the opportunity to get the starting role and lure bigger contract proposals from the teams that saw his potential in the offensive area of the game.

Considering his performance during the last four games of Spurs against the Rockets in the semi-finals, Mills has done it well. He had an average score of 15 points and 5 assists during that period.

However, his performance in the past games against the Warriors was way different, especially with the two-time MVP Stephen Curry, who recently swept the Western Conference. In the first 3-game period, Mills garnered an accumulated score of 17 and 10 assists.

Then, there is that game four sweep by the Warriors with a score of 129-115. Even though Mills was not-so-productive in that game, it was still considered a better one when looking at the output perspective.

Mills scored 14 points in his 4 out of 13 attempts, plus the 3 assists within 30 minutes. Curry, on the other hand, took 36 points together with his 6 assists.

Mills Might Have Cut His Worth in the NBA

This season is the end of the 3-year contract of Mills to Spurs which is worth 13 million dollars. After a strong finish this season, Mills who is only 28 years old, is very likely to get higher paying contracts in the league.

On the other hand, some analysts are in doubt about the perspective of the head coaches and managers to Mills. Considering the rough finish of Mills in the games against the Warriors, there are some speculations that it will bring his value down and cost him loads of money.

Meanwhile, Kyle Anderson headed the Spurs’ 4th game against Warriors with 17 points, and Manu Ginobili brought 15 points, who is expected to be retiring soon.

Ginobili is 39 years old. He is the main player of the Spurs who had already won several championships: 2003, 2005, 2007, and 2014. He is yet to make an announcement about his future decisions.

According to Spurs’ head coach Gregg Popovich, Ginobili is somewhat the same with Kobe and Jordan because of his aggressive and dominant attitude. He also said that there that Ginobili possesses similar attitudes with Magic Johnson and Larry Bird because they all play with the “same fire”.

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