NBA Draft Projections for 2017

NBA Draft Projections for 2017

Boston, M.A. – Based on the performance of both teams, it seems that we are going to have a third-time Cleveland-Golden State championship match again in the NBA finals.

However, there is still a great possibility that other teams can get past this expectation and notch a title next year, considering their excellent performance in the offseason.

The majority of NBA enthusiasts and experts are now watching the Boston Celtics as they got the number one overall pick. They are the team that got the top spot at the end of Eastern Conference in the current season. But they still need a lot of improvements in their team and they need to recruit strong new players to up their chance for the title.

There are certain speculations and rumors in the draft. Celtic’s general manager Danny Ainge can get a few players and top-seeded one to upgrade the roster, which the team currently needs in order to increase their chance of winning over the Cavaliers. However, this article will focus on a youngster who can really do the job and the current point guard of Washington Huskies – Markelle Fultz. If the general manager of Boston wants to recruit and upgrade the roster, Fultz is a great opportunity to a new option when it comes to scoring from the backcourt.

NBA Draft Projections for 2017

Meanwhile, the Lakers are now desperate to escape the quicksand in the past 5 years. Their head coach, Luke Walton, did an amazing job in improving the team during the first season. However, a team cannot enter the playoffs with just an amazing coach. More skilled hands are needed before they can finally pull it through.

There is a great expectation that the Lakers will watch over the famous young player, Lonzo Ball. Experts say that he is the most reasonable pick for the team. Ball is the number two pick and currently at UCLA, who is expected to stay in southern California. However, even with his great skills, there is something that makes it harder for the Lakers and Ball to reconcile – his hands-on father.

Philadelphia got the number three pick. 76ers is a roster that doesn’t need much effort on the backcourt. They sure had a hard time without a leader this season, which made many experts become undecided. It’s expected that De’Aaron Fox, a point guard from Kentucky, will be the next leader of the team. He is in the top 5 on the player’s talent rankings. However, trading off Kansas guard/forward Josh Jackson will be too difficult considering the current situation of the team.

The picking for this year will be full of rumors and drama. It’s expected that if the huge trades and picks will be made earlier, it would be intense.

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