Draymond Green Avenges Slow Pre-Season Performance With a Bang

Draymond Green Avenges Slow Pre-Season Performance With a Bang

What would make Draymond Green noteworthy to be in the NBA headlines this season?

For starters, his shaky performance somehow sent some negative signals over the Golden State Warriors. His reliability is on a downward spiral, which made a lot of heads shake. Some critics opted to delve deeper to come out with some speculations about the reasons for his unusual performance. Nonetheless, the added pressure of affecting the whole Western Conference all-star lineup is something many have worried about.

In his interviews, Green expressed his frustration over his rather “mixed” performance. He described his shots during the early part of the season as something that he is not satisfied at all. Many see that they don’t seem to be in rhythm with his supposedly delivery. His efficiency is not something to look forward to, and his performance is below par with what he used to give the Warriors.

Draymond Green Avenges Slow Pre-Season Performance With a Bang

But, Green had just proven that he still got something up in his sleeves for the fans not to give up on him just yet.

His recent performance proved that he is one of the powerhouse players who carried the Warriors up in the Western Conference finals. This adrenaline rush of seeing Green getting back on his feet is something that everybody surely gets excited about.

Green is regaining momentum in his outstanding offensive play, making him one remarkable performer that sealed the Warriors win over the Jazz last Monday, with a 121-95 box score.

Now that his performance seems to be getting the rhythm back, one could guarantee that the chances of the West over the championship this season is high. Emerging from a slow start should inspire Green to give more to seal the win.

In his recent interviews, Green expresses his overwhelming relief on his getting back in shape. This came just in time and helped his team sweep the Jazz and get the glory back to the Warriors to represent the West in the championship. With the lessons he learned from his performance pre-season, you should expect a smarter and better-performing Green in the season finals soon.

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