LeBron James pores advise on Twitter, worried about sugar coding coaches

LeBron James

Cleveland Cavaliers’ superstar LeBron James went on a spree of posts on Twitter Sunday pondering on his opinion that coaches of our time need to be harder on players and push them more in order to bring out the best and strive them towards success.

Also, James admitted that how some of his coaches did whatever they could to make James what he is today and advised current coaches to follow the same protocol in spite of sugarcoating things for fear of losing the player.

Take a read what LeBron James (@KingJames) said in chronological order:

“Man if it wasn’t for Big Frank, Bruce Kelker, Willie Earl, @CoachDambrot@CoachDruJoyce I wouldn’t be the player/man I am today! As a kid”

“they showed toughness and stayed on me every single day! Never sugar coded nothing, told me to real and lit me up when I wasn’t applying”

“Reason I’m saying this is I believe this is a major part of the reason why kids don’t succeed as much because the leaders, coaches, etc”

“won’t get on them because their afraid of losing the kid, or losing the sponsorship that comes with the kids, or have their own agenda”

“on how much they can benefit in the long run from the kid not realizing they’re cheating the s— out of the kid. We as kids don’t know”

“We need to be pushed, kicked, loved, then pushed and kicked again cause that’s what brings and breads the hunger inside of us! Whoever u”

“are out there please stop worrying about u and if u really care for the kid give them the guidance as my Coaches, mentors did for me!”

“Can’t stand for it anymore because of I and will die right now for my Sport and for SPORTS in general. #JustMyOpinion



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