Kevin Durant scored 39 against OKC: Golden State Wins

Kevin Durant played a marvelous game against his old team and scored 39 points with a career high of seven three-pointers.

A match against his old team has been circling around since July after he joined the Golden State Warriors. Finally, when the day arrived, Kevin Durant proved his mettle to everyone.

Durant had the last laugh in his first reunion match against Russell Westbrook. He scored 39 points in the game. Kevin also equaled his own career high of scoring seven 3-pointers in the match. The game ended with a score of 122-96 with the Golden State beating OKC on Thursday night.

After this amazing performance, Kevin stated that he has already moved on from his past. He added that eight years with his old team was a special time but now he is part of the Golden State Warriors.

Recap of Kevin Durant and OKC

Durant left OKC back in July to play along with Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson. There were many controversies and rumors about the decision he took. However, Thunder Coach stated that everyone has moved on from the past and everything is smooth now.

Soon after this transition, Kevin bounced back and even got better at his game.

It didn’t take Durant long to get going, and when he did he was unstoppable. Durant scored a 28-feet 3-pointer on Golden State’s initial possession and soon amazed everyone with his gameplay in rest of the match.

Durant scored Golden State’s final four goals of the first quarter with a late 3 pointer and Warriors took lead with a score of 32-31. He scored 15 for 24 in his thirst 30-point haul and the Warriors breezed easily to their straight fourth victory since they lost by 129-100 to the Spurs.

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