Warriors and Durant All Geared Up For NBA

Steve Kerr, coach of Golden State Warriors, said that his team’s new look is a good thing as it sets off the pressure for NBA season 2016-2017.

Kevin Durant joining Warriors are set off in order to regain the crown off from the NBA finals. There’s a huge expectation that comes along with having a team that consists of an A-lister line-up Durant, Curry, Green, and Thompson.

Kerr even suggested that such pressure will motivate his team even more in order to surpass last season’s record of 24-0 during the start of the season. He said, that it is a good thing. Perhaps, they could even go for a 30 win instead of 25. Also, he stated that other teams are even into rebuilding stuff in order to get where the Warriors are today. As he said clearly, it is such a good position to be where they are right now.

For Durant’s debut, the game will be held at Oracle Arena in Oakland. He has blended with his team, and the Golden State set-up quite fast.

Kerr told the reports that Durant has some few things that need to learn. However, he did pick up the way the entire team play. There’s a bit of chaos. Durant is embracing it.

On the other hand, Durant has made himself home within the Bay Area. There was even a video footage of him dancing in Kanye West’s concert held in Oakland last Sunday.

Kevin Durant has been moving around in Oakland, in the city, to get to know the environment, among others.

When asked about him going to the concert, Durant said, he was happy he did went to the concert. He emphasized that he is not a celebrity and he has no concern about his safety. He is a covered man and that he is indeed by the higher power.

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