China eyed for new NBA talent

With the large fan base that the NBA has in China, recruiting talent directly from the Chinese people is the next logical choice for the NBA to make.

NBA has long been eyeing China as a potential location to set up a proper world class basketball academy. In the past ten years, they had held exhibition games around the country. They had even been endorsed and worked with various Chinese government ministries to popularize the sport around China.

Three NBA training basketball academies are opening up in China in this year alone. These basketball training facilities are for both Chinese men and women. And they are set up to open in three locations in China: Hangzhou, Urumqi, and Jinan. These basketball training facilities are expected to open later this October.

The basketball training academies have camps and programs that will teach Chinese players how to play the game of basketball better. These training programs are open to Chinese youth aged under two categories, under 16 and 18. These Chinese young people are to be trained by NBA trained coaches, so the pressure is high to succeed. The training players who perform well will be brought to international basketball tournaments to compete.

The NBA seems to be looking to recruit potential NBA stars from these Chinese basketball training facilities.

It was only this week that the NBA announced that they would be opening these elite basketball training academies. But with the close opening schedule of the colleges, it is clear that this has been planned for quite some time.

Aside from recruiting potential new players for the NBA, this move hopes to bring Chinese fans close to the NBA. By setting up shop within China, the NBA hopes to strengthen and expand their market within the country and around Asia. The NBA has already been hosting a series of exhibition tournaments in China, for the past decade.

More famously, the NBA had endorsed Yaoi Ming to tour the country to introduce the game of basketball to the curriculum of schools. The NBA had officially partnered with the Chinese Ministry of Education, to make the game of basketball an official part of the Chinese education system. The NBA hopes to foster the love of basketball with the Chinese school population.

The NBA has many hardcore fans of basketball in China. Many Chinese residents are loyal viewers of NBA tournaments. Some Chinese people even stream the game on their smartphones, during the mornings on their way to work.

Together with these school programs, training facilities, and endorsements, the NBA hopes to foster international level talent within the Chinese population. And the same time they wish to promote the love of basketball among the Chinese too.

With this move of opening up three basketball training academies, the NBA hopes to open up more facilities around the different regions of China. The NBA also announced that they were planning on opening basketball training academies in other locations around the world, the specifics of location were not disclosed. The NBA hopes that China will be the first step in opening up international academies for basketball.


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