LeBron James called Trump’s degrading comments on women “trash talk”

Famous NBA player LeBron James was not shy about criticizing the US presidential candidate Donald Trump. LeBron also gave a simple explanation for the reasoning why Dwayne Wade did not join the Cavaliers for the 2016 NBA basketball season.

This is due to the fact of a recently leaked video that had Donald Trump bragging about inappropriate grabbing women by the private parts. In the video, Trump goes on to say that he was allowed to do this because he was a celebrity.

This leaked video sparked a firestorm across various media platforms, especially since the second part of the US presidential debate is coming up.

Donald Trump has recently responded by saying that he was deeply regretful of the fact that he had said those things, and that his talk could be explained by the fact he was talking to another man in private. The topic of this talk is what he attributes to the nature of “locker room talk.”

Famous NBA athlete LeBron James was not hesitant to criticize Donald Trump’s explanation. He implied that he thought the statement was a weak reasoning for Trump’s words about women.

In a press conference, wherein LeBron James was asked about what he considered typical locker room talk, LeBron did not even ask if that question referred to the infamous Trump video.

He directly went to talk about Trump and the recently leaked video, after being asked that question. He does not consider, in his eyes, what Donald Trump says as real locker room talk.

LeBron James, who plays the forward role for the Cavaliers, stated that he considered what Trump said to be inappropriate and disrespectful to women. He says that in locker rooms, he and his teammates discuss strategies and plays for upcoming games and they do not sexualize any women in their talks within the locker room.

LeBron James also gave out a few reasons why he thinks Dwayne Wade turned down the offer to join the Cavaliers for the latest NBA basketball season.

LeBron states the fact that the Cavaliers could not afford to pay Wade his asking price for joining the team.

Wade is turning down the chance to reunite with LeBron shocked the world of NBA fans, as they were wondering why Wade would miss the opportunity to play with LeBron on the same team again.

Instead, Wade ended up signing up with the Chicago Bulls for 47 million dollars. The Cavaliers did not have the capital to afford the fees that other teams were offering Wade. The Cavaliers have stated that they regret not having Wade on their team, but they just could not afford him.

Cavaliers coach, TyronnLue, expressed disappoint at not signing on Wade for the next NBA season. Dwayne Wade holds a place in the hall of NBA hall of fame. Dwayne Wade and LeBron used to play together for the same team.

LeBron has since expressed disappointment to the fact that he could play together on the same team with his former teammate.


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