Kevin Durant is going to say what he really feels from now on

A frustrated Durant has finally let out his feelings regarding the media. Based on the report of CSN, Kevin Durant unveiled his plans on embracing the kind of unambiguous character that will reveal what he is.

However, Durant did not put it in that manner, but in the recent comments that he made last Monday night wherein he felt that it was magnified by the media, the forward for the Warriors was clear in what he stated about no longer sidestepping with issues that he thinks that might get construed or that are sensitive.

He admitted that whatever he says will get twisted up, saying such statements after he had gone through a practice for more than an hour. Because of that, he will say what he feels from that moment. People who know Durant will know what he means. So whatever he says, the media is going to twist it up and make it a headline.

He is going to say what he feels from now on, which would imply that in the past, he has been answering questions out of propriety, personal etiquette or discretion, he has taken the acceptable measures to keep sheer honesty at bay.

And he may just have done that. For most of Durant’s career, he has been portrayed by associates and friends as someone that is sensitive about his image and even to those who is close to him. They even said that he is at times susceptible to saying anything safe so as to avoid scrutiny or probing.

The turnaround of Durant came almost 18 hours after he has confirmed that his decision in signing up for the Warriors was due to the loss they had in the NBA Finals. In other words, the Warriors losing the Finals was something that made it more attractive than the team was already before.

The news is all about Durant finally coming to a decision that has long been suspected. Most of them believed that it would have taken quite a challenge to leave such a team in Oklahoma City to join a team that had won several NBA championships. This is a team that has made it to the Finals by beating the Thunder of Durant during the Western Conference Finals. It is also the same team that won 73 games from NBA that happened before the regular season.

This leaves the question on how Kevin Durant, being the great player that he is, can acquire professional profit through joining a team that is unquestioningly the best on earth?

Seeing the loss in The Finals to the Cavaliers, it proved that team Warriors is flawed. It showed that they needed something or that they are missing something. It’s true that they are mighty good, but then they were defeated. They then turned to be the first team in the history of NBA to get back a lead of 3-1 in The Finals.


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