MLB and Union Tweak Some Rules to Keep Baseball Fans Engaged

MLB and Union Tweak Some Rules to Keep Baseball Fans Engaged

Baseball enthusiasts will notice some major changes when they watch their favorite teams play this year.

On Thursday, the Major League Baseball (MLB) and its union, the Major League Baseball Players Association, declared that they are implementing a series of major rule alterations.

Most of these new regulations will begin to be effective next year. Robert D. Manfred, Jr., the current Commissioner of Baseball, is the chief executor of these rule changes.

Baseball players are reported to be prohibited to oppose the new directives. Among these modified rulings include the elimination of a 40-player active roster.

Starting September 2020 throughout the culmination of the MLB championship season, all baseball teams will be allowed to have 28 baseball players maximum, down from 40.

Hence, while the Miami Marlins have only 25 baseball players on board, the Philadelphia Phillies and the Los Angeles Dodgers will soon follow suit.

Moreover, a baseball club will only be allowed to have a minimum of three batters in a match beginning next year.

For a specific MLB season, it must designate each of its baseball players either as a position player or a pitcher before their first day on the active roster.

To improve the speed of the baseball games, commercial breaks running during innings will be reduced to two minutes as well.

Baseball aficionados’ engagement is also expected to increase with the Home Run Derby now paying $1-million bonus prize money for its winner.

Intended to get the MLB’s best players to take part, the Home Run Derby now has a total player prize money amounting to $2.5 million.

This comes after years of high-profile superstar player defections.MLB insider, Zachary Duke, who is the lefty pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds, cited that the new rules are intended to develop the MLB matches.

These changes are designed to keep the baseball fans engaged and continuously interested to watch the games, he said.

Duke also explained that the MLB and its union are well aware that the attention span of today’s young generation is tremendously different from that of the young crowd a decade ago.

The professional baseball player mentioned that, since baseball is a component of the entertainment sector, they are supposed to keep the fans entertained and interested.

Otherwise, they will lose their employment, Duke said.

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