MLB to Use the Precise “Injured List” Term to Resolve Confusion

MLB to Use the Precise “Injured List” Term to Resolve Confusion

It has been a custom in Major League Baseball (MLB) that players who get injured while participating in the sport are usually placed in the “Disabled List.”

This inventory of players refers to those who have acquired a concussion because of accidents like colliding with their competitors or teammates, getting hit by a baseball bat or a ball, or running into walls, backstops, or fences.

Since 1966, the “Disabled List” has been used to include MLB athletes on the major league teams who have been hurt while engaged on a baseball game.

The practice of using this terminology, however, has reportedly caused confusion and offense in recent years.

The expression, “disabled,” has incorrectly described the players who were merely hurt.

In fact, these athletes do not actually have a serious disorder that could prevent them from competing or participating in the sport again.

With this concern of lacking in a precise terminology to refer to hurt players who could return soon to their games, advocacy organizations for the paralyzed like the Link 20 Network have made some suggestions to the MLB.

On Thursday, MLB Deputy Commissioner Daniel Halem cited that these groups had sent plenty of inquiries about the more than five-decade-old jargon, “Disabled List.”

Hence, on December 20, Jeff Pfeifer, senior director of league economics and operations in the MLB commissioner’s office, issued a memorandum to baseball clubs.

The statement informed them regarding the name change. The term “Injury List” will now replace “Disabled List” at both the major and the minor baseball league levels.

This rebranding takes place immediately. Therefore, starting the 2019 MLB season, the term “Injury List” will be heard regularly, referring to players who are recuperating.

Baseball teams and fans of the sport should take note, however, that this name change is merely an adjustment to the customary baseball jargon.

All the requirements and standards for reinstatement, placement, and so forth of baseball players will remain unchanged.

The rules pertaining to the term “Injury List” will still be the same as those referring to the “Disabled List” which comprises a 10-day variation for short-term concussions and a 60-day version for more critical injuries.

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