Giancarlo Stanton Ponders Future As He Receives Hank Aaron Award

Giancarlo Stanton Ponders Future As He Receives Hank Aaron Award

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – The 27-year-old outfielder Giancarlo Stanton will be meeting Miami Marlin’s new leads, instead of being unloaded from the team to cut its payroll expenditure.

The meeting will be expected to occur after the World Series. Stanton was in Los Angeles for the game between Astros and Dodgers Wednesday night to receive the Hank Aaron Award as the National League’s highest offensive performer.

Stanton is estimated to make $25 million next season, the fourth year of his $325 million contracts that is set for 13 years. His pay is supposed to jump high during the ninth year of his career. He is expected to earn $32 million per season, from year nine to 11.

The Marlins can cut their biggest expenditure by trading Stanton, or they can rebuild around the outfielder as their key. Plans are still in the speculation stage right now, and Stanton had not met with the owners yet. The meeting was supposed to be with former New York Yankees Derek Jeter, the new owner of the Miami Marlins team.

Giancarlo Stanton Ponders Future As He Receives Hank Aaron Award

The outfielder doesn’t have any idea what the future will bring to him. He is looking both the negative and positive sides. He is also considering his next actions if the owners are considering cutting the payroll. He is unsure if he’s going to remain or go to another team with a chance of winning sooner.

Stanton is putting off the future when it happens in the meantime and was happier to focus on the award that he received Wednesday night.

He said he remembered the days when he came to Los Angeles Stadium together with friends and family to watch games. Now, people are coming to the stadium to watch him receive the award. He thought it was pretty cool that his family and friends can watch his achievements.

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