Broadcaster Pioneer Rene Cardenas Has Ties To Astros And Dodgers

Broadcaster Pioneer Rene Cardenas Has Ties To Astros And Dodgers

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Seasoned broadcaster pioneer Rene Cardenas is not picking a side for Game 1 of the Fall Classic. The game will be held on Tuesday, between Houston Astros and Los Angeles Dodgers.He said his heart is in both teams.

Looking back, he has deep ties to both teams, which gave him the turning point in his life to be what he is today.

Cardenas was a local in Nicaragua, and he became the first Spanish language announcer in Major League history in 1958. He was then part of the Los Angeles Dodgers broadcasting crew.

The Houston organization took him in 1961, which was on the cusp of their first season in the Major League franchise. He took the offer then and became the announcer for the Expansion Colt .45’s in 1962.

Broadcaster Pioneer Rene Cardenas Has Ties To Astros And Dodgers

More than 50 years later, Rene Cardenas is watching both teams battle it out in the World Series. YouTube TV presented it and he is intently watching. It does not seem likely that he will choose a side, however.

Those who knew of the announcer and his history with both teams are making the topic trend. Even his wife asks him about his thoughts on the two teams. He seems to think that any team who wins will be good for him, he said in a phone interview.

Cardenas now resides in Houston and is working under the Astros. He does columns for La Prensa, a Spanish-language paper based on his native soil of Nicaragua, and he also does some editorial work for the Astros.

His connection with the Dodgers is also very deep. He mentored Jaime Jarrin, who is still the current Spanish voice for the team, and he also came back as the team’s Spanish broadcaster in 1982 to 1998.

He will watch both teams compete this Tuesday. They both worked hard to come at this stage, and he will be happy for anyone who wins.

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